Use your phone to find food trucks with TruxMap Lite

Android users in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, New York City, or Washington DC can find food trucks with the app TruxMap Lite, from Los Angeles developer Frank Pardo. (This free app is also available for iOS.) Pardo aggregates tweets about current and future food truck appearances and puts them on a map. The information is also available on the TruxMap website: This large map carries more information than the apps do. It covers 38 cities in the United States and Canada.

http://www.foodtrucksmap.comTruxMap Lite


Find a Food Truck with Roaming Hunger

Roaming HungerAs the food truck craze has grown and spread across the nation, web sites and apps have developed to help the hungry track down a mobile meal. The granddaddy of them all is Roaming Hunger, launched by Los Angeles entrepreneur Ross Resnick in 2009 to collate food truck tweets and to put them on a map. Roaming Hunger now follows food trucks in 34 cities and also features a search and booking function for registered trucks. Resnick even uses his site to offer advice to entrepreneurs thinking of starting their own food truck business.

Roaming Hunger is available as a free iOS app that allows users to filter their food truck searches by “sweet”, “savory”, or “vegetarian”. There is no Roaming Hunger app for Android.

Roaming Hunger

Get discounts at local eateries with

That old Italian pRestaurant.comlace around the corner? That Thai joint down the street? Maybe they will give you a discount! Register for free to check it out on Perhaps the fanciest joints in town are not on this list. But maybe you will find that the restaurants you love most will give you a break on your bill.

Snapfinger lets you order in.

Don’t have the energy to go out for a meal? Who delivers? Snapfinger knows. Enter your city to see which (mostly national chain) restaurants near you deliver or encourage pickup.  Order online through the site, a widget on your PC desktop, your mobile phone browser, or via the free iPhone app []. I wonder if I can get Snapfinger not only to deliver, but to feed me, too?