Find a contractor with ImproveNet.

ImproveNetUse ImproveNet to find a contractor for really big jobs. Describe the parameters of your project, and ImproveNet will scour its database of nearly 30,000 professionals to find a contractor to fit your needs.


Home Improvement Projects and Plans: Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics Home ImprovementPopular Mechanics, a magazine famous for catering to the serious amateur, throws something to the less apt among us with its home improvement tips. Browse their advice for interior and exterior enhancements, gardening, plumbing, energy efficiency, and home security.

Brian and Paul show us how to fix it on Handyguys Podcast.

Handyguys PodcastVrmm, vrrrm! Brian and Paul, handy guys, offer advice for keeping the home in top shape. Learn about electrical issues, plumbing, and nailguns, among many other things, from their articles and podcasts. They even discuss their favorite DIY books! Ask your personal home maintenance question on their site. Brian and Paul may address your problem in their next podcast, which you can get via email, RSS feed, iTunes, or Twitter.

Old House Web offers home improvement tips.

Painting, plumbing, wiring, even cleaning: The experts at Old House Web have something to say about all of it. Did you know that dust holds odor? A good reason to wipe it away weekly! There are forums on the site where you can post your own renovation questions.

Learn to fix your house with the DIY Network

DIY is a sister cable channel of the Food Network and HGTV (Home and Garden Television), all children of the Ohio-based Scripps Howard Broadcasting Company. This site emphasizes making new things, although it does have a “home improvement” section that addresses repairs.

Lowe’s How-To Library teaches faucet installation

Lowe's How-To LibraryLowe’s Home Improvement offers a library of instructions and videos for home repair and improvement. This particular page details the use of the mysterious basin wrench and assures us that the faucet swap should take no more than an hour. (I couldn’t even get the water turned off in that amount of time.)