Get Positive Reinforcement for Writing with Written? Kitten!

Written? Kitten!Australian gals “Skud” and Emily felt that sites like Write or Die ( were too negative, focusing on consequences for lack of productivity. Instead they thought, why not offer positive reinforcement for getting your writing done? Something like…a picture of a cute kitten? So they made Written? Kitten!, the positive reinforcement site for writing. Type in 100 words and voila, Written? Kitten! rewards you with a photo of an adorable cat by searching Flickr with the words “kitten” and “cute.” It works whether you have a press release due or a daunting term paper. My son used it to get through his 10 page paper on Aristotle.


Write your screeplay on your iPad with the Scripts Pro app

Scripts ProActress/screenwriter Therese Lentz uses the iPad to prepare for auditions. “I don’t print sides anymore,” she says. “I just open the download in iBooks and I’m good to go.” Therese also uses her iPad to write. “I use Pages ($9.99, for lesson planning and I have an app for scripts.

Scripts Pro

Need to work on your screenplay on the go? Just download this $5.99 app and get started wherever you are. “It interfaces well with Final Draft (,” screenwriting software for Mac, Therese says.

Two apps make writing on the iPad easy

IA Writer for IPadiA Writer for iPad
For less than a dollar, download this text capture app designed especially for iPad. It easily syncs files over Dropbox so you can access your work when you get back to your desktop computer. Writer saves your files in .txt format which can be imported into your regular word processing programs.

Who doesn’t love Dropbox, the easy way to store files in the cloud. Dropbox comes as a free iPad app. It works with iA Writer to make typing on the iPad a practical way to take notes. You can store your iPad photos there, too.

A+ Research and Writing for High School and College Students

A+ Research and Writing for High School and College StudentsKathryn L. Schwartz wrote this guide while a student of the Information and Library Studies program at the University of Michigan. It not only teaches writing skills but also how to research a paper using both print and online sources.

Generate a flawless bibliography with Son of Citation Machine.

Son of Citation MachineYour paper is due but you can’t remember how to format Web article entries in your bibliography. What do you do? Turn to the online application Son of Citation Machine. Simply enter the author, title, publication date, and other relevant information for Web or print sources, and the site generates a perfectly formatted bibliographic entry. Or, if your source is a book, just enter its ISBN. You can then copy and paste the results into your end notes.