Veteran business traveler Joe Brancatelli shares his tips on this blog

Seat2BJoe Brancatelli, Condé Nast’s business travel writer, offers his tips and insights gleaned from bitter experience. One recent column compared frequent flyer miles to the Zimbabwean dollar, that is, increasingly worthless. Also, when staying overnight at the airport, choose the hotel that is closest to your departure gate.

Seat 2B


Visit to find holiday travel tips

Independentraveler.comHere are travel tips of all kinds for planes, trains, and automobiles from this subsidiary of TripAdvisor. In addition to offering travel deals and message boards on which to chat with other sojourners, the site features traveling advice in a section called Travel Resources ( with articles like “How to Find a Clean Hotel Room” and “Top 10 Reasons to Travel by Train.” A subset of this section features a bi-weekly column called “Travelers Ed” written by veteran globetrotter Ed Hewett. Hewett discusses the implications of recent travel news and advises how to cope with it.

The Independent Traveler

In your first place? Get cleaning advice from Ask a Clean Person.

Ask a Clean PersonThe Hairpin columnist Jolie Kerr offers cleaning advice to young people who have never had to do it before. Recent questions that she has answered include how to clean a juicer, how to get jeans stains out of a carpet after an intense make-out session, and then, seriously, how to make a bed. I suppose that, if the bed had been made, the carpet would have been spared.

Ask a Clean Person

Martha Stewart teaches correct cleaning techniques

Martha Stewart cleaning tipsYou may have been doing your own laundry for years. Still, Martha Stewart offers tips on how to do it better. “Turn delicate items, sweaters, and cotton T-shirts inside out,” she suggests, “to prevent pilling.” She also gives instructions for properly loading a dishwasher, vacuuming any surface, and a cleaning checklist for each season.

Martha Stewart Home & Garden

A plumber reveals his toilet clearing secrets

The Art of Manliness“Rod from Roto-Rooter” dumps his plumber’s secrets for unclogging a toilet. First, he emphasizes, avoid disaster by removing the top off the tank and pressing the flapper down to keep the bowl from overflowing. Then he suggests heating the rubber plunger with hot water to make it more pliable. Finally, he reveals his magic weapon: pouring hot water into the clog along with some dishwasher soap. Rod also offers tips for keeping a toilet clog free, including cleaning the water jets around the rim to maintain a strong flush.
How to Unclog a Toilet Like a Plumber

Get going with ten anti-procrastination tips from Lifehacker.

LifehackerThe Lifehacker blog is like having a super-smart friend with excellent answers for practical life questions. Here, it presents ten strong ideas for boosting productivity and subduing procrastination. Tips include “Use Minor Distractions to Fend Off Big Distractions” and “Set a Timer and Crank Until It Beeps.”