Visit The Beehive to learn the basics of money management

The BeehiveLet’s face it: We’re not born knowing how to handle money. The One Economy Corporation starts from the beginning, explaining how to get a credit card, for example. The site’s Budget Builder Tool [] can help anyone to follow their money. There are some tasty tax tips here, too.


Find or sell a used car with Auto

Auto Trader.comYou see the print version of this publication at your local convenience store. Now check out the online version with over 1,900,000 new and used vehicles available for search. Many of the used car listings offer free CARFAX vehicle history reports. You can also sell your own car through AutoTrader in return for a listing fee. Keep up to date with car sales on the go with the mobile site which is available over any internet-enabled smart phone.

J.D. Roth teaches us how to build a simple household budget

How to Build a Better BudgetMaking a budget can seem an impossible drag. Still, it’s so necessary for keeping solvent in tough times. J.D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly outlines his simple method. In addition to getting out of debt, he recommends spending no more than 50% of a monthly budget on needs like utilities and housing. 20% goes into savings and the remaining 30% goes to “wants” like vacations and dining out.

Shop around online.

Google ShoppingYou’ve heard the old joke, about how the shopping habits of modern women and men resemble those of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Men are (in general) the hunters: “Me want shirt. Get shirt. Go home.” Whereas, we women tend to linger, gathering colorful objects and collecting them in our baskets.

The Web enhances and intensifies our shopping proclivities. A man can search to find a book or a razor, click to buy, and it’s on its way to his mailbox.  A shopper gal like I am can invest hours to find the best deal on the most obscure item. Do you know how hard it is to find a solar-powered, radio-controlled watch designed for a woman?

Jeff Bezos started the Web shopping revolution when he selling books on ( in 1995. Now, his site is the go-to shopping spot for everything that can be shipped in a box.  Google Shopping ( is another great way to compare products and prices.

The Mashup Mom helps us save money.

Mashup MomHooray for Rachel Singer Gordon! She used to be a librarian but now she devotes her finding skills to helping cash-strapped families. Through her blog, the author of Point, Click, and Save: Mashup Mom’s Guide to Saving and Making Money Online (2010) connects to print coupons, digital coupons (for downloading), and giveaways. Sign up to have her deal alerts delivered to your inbox or Twitter feed. Read her thoughts on how to make money by working from home. Gordon makes saving look fun!

Establish positive cash flow with tips from Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich SlowlyLots of folks are writing on the Web about how to wrestle personal finances. Turn to these blogs and newsletters for advice about investing, saving money, and eliminating debt.

In 2004, Portland, Oregon’s J.D. Roth had $35,000 of consumer debt. Follow his blog for tips to do as he did: eliminate debt and establish a positive cash flow.