Catch a Bouquet of Wedding Tips from Daily Candy

Daily Candy: WeddingsDaily Candy collects nuggets of advice from twelve of their favorite wedding bloggers. Find money-saving DIY projects from The Wedding Chicks and outdoor decorating ideas from Once Wed and Grey Likes Weddings. Visit Daily Candy to find city-specific wedding tips, too.


Google helps to plan your wedding.

Google WeddingsGoogle weddings? Sure, when you use their free productivity products: Google Docs for planning, Picassa for photos, Picnik for invites, and Google Sites to show it all off.

Buy an engagement ring with help from TLC

TLC Engagement Ring GuideHow can we buy an appropriate engagement ring for our beloved? We aren’t born knowing this stuff, and if this is our first marriage…Fortunately, TLC (originally the Learning Channel) has our back with information about how to purchase that most important token of love.

“Altar” your thinking about weddings with Offbeat Bride.

Offbeat BrideNot all brides fall completely for our culture’s fairy-tale script. Some rebel against the machinations of the wedding industry. They are in love and they want to get married—but they want to do it their way. Seattle-based Ariel Meadow Stallings, author of Offbeat Bride: Taffeta-Free Alternatives for Independent Brides (Seal Press, 2007; ISBN-13: 978-1580051804), offers advice, and shares stories of weddings that ran against tradition.