Get financial and life skills help from The Beehive.

The Beehive in SpanishThe global non-profit One Economy Corporation wants to use technology to bring financial security and independence to disadvantaged people. Visit their Beehive page to get help with all kinds of life skills including attending to health issues, finding a job, filing taxes, leaning how to manage money and even buying a house. This cheerful site even offers tips for dealing with home foreclosure.

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The Beehive


Crime visualizes area crime patterns.

Crime Mapping.comIf you live in the purview of one of the hundreds of law enforcement agencies in the United States and Canada that have implemented this software from the Omega Group, you can track the crimes committed in your district on this map. Search by address, law enforcement agency name, or state/province. Crime types are represented by icons: a ski mask for robbery, a fist for assault or a prone body for homicide. Filter by crime and date range. This application makes it easy to visualize patterns of local home burglaries, for example, which may help to prevent crime by clueing us in to the need to increase home security.

Trulia Crime Map visualizes crime hot spots

Trulia Crime MapHow safe is your neighborhood? Find out about crimes committed in your area with this “heat map” from Trulia. Compiled from three sources,,, and, the heat maps offer near real-time data about crimes committed in major metropolitan areas in the United States. Search by city and then by specific crime. The heat maps show how many crime incidents occur annually in a specific city block. The map also includes a helpful list of the most dangerous intersections in the city. Not all cities are covered. Still, Trulia’s crime map offers a simple, sobering overview of those that are.

Buy real estate even in these trying times with help from the Mortgage Professor

The Mortgage ProfessorJack M. Guttentag is a retired professor of finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He offers free advice to consumers about mortgages–so welcome in this time of lender topsy-turvy-dom. Read his tutorials, use his calculators, and understand how to spot scams. See his suggestions for finding “upfront”, i.e. honest and open loan companies and brokers. Who knew there still were such businesses? Thanks, Prof. Guttentag!