Ladies & gentlemen, start your workouts with FitTracker

FitTrackerGuys: You need exercise? Come here for exercise instruction and fitness tracking tools. Register for free to track the change in your biceps, chest, and thighs as you complete levels of training. Of course, women can use this site, too. Still, the excellent exercise descriptions and animations seem oriented toward body building dudes.


Get exercise advice from

Exercise at About.comCertified personal trainer Paige Waehner is the guide to exercise. She writes, “It is difficult to stay motivated to exercise, but the Internet is an excellent source for information and support. Through my site, you can access the best Web sites, weekly exercise articles, and a community dedicated to helping you stay in shape.” This terrific portal features a “Workout Center,” a directory of links to all kinds of exercise info, and a section called “Exercise for Beginners” for those who are just getting started.

Fall asleep fast with these relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniquesHaving trouble dropping off? Try these relaxation techniques from the University of Maryland Sleep Disorders Center. My favorite is progressive relaxation in which you tense and relax muscles from your toes to your head. Mmm. Makes me sleepy just thinking about it. There are also instructions for guided imagery, deep breathing, “quiet ears,” and the intriguing toe tensing. Apparently, tensing and releasing the toes releases tension in the whole body.

Walk at work to lose pounds: That’s NEAT

NEATWhat if you could lose weight just by walking around the office? James A. Levine directs the lab at Mayo Clinic that studies “non-exercise activity thermogenesis” or NEAT. NEAT involves the energy that we expend while performing the activities of our everyday life, apart from formal exercise. Levine found that people can comfortably work at computers while walking on a treadmill going about 1 mile per hour. At that pace, they can burn 100 calories every hour, enough to lose 50 pounds in a year. Although such treadmill workstations are not commercially available, many people have fashioned them and put their plans on the Web. Here is one example:

My Fitness Pal monitors weight loss.

My Fitness Pal
Los Angeles actor Alex Egan uses this My Fitness Pal to keep trim for his roles. “This site is incredibly simple to use and it’s free. You can easily track your calories and exercise. You can instantly find the calorie counts of foods in their database–even name brands and restaurant menu items.” Share your goals with your social network with a ticker showing your weight loss progress. Tracking on the go? Download the free app to your iPhone [].