Track your pregnancy with

BabyCenterParents-to-be can sign up for free at BabyCenter to receive personalized information tailored to their”stage” of development, including pre-inception.There is a baby name chooser here along with informational videos and even links to diaper discounts. Find health and development information about kids from infancy through elementary school. All information is vetted by physicians.


DLIfe helps those with diabetes.

DLifeGot diabetes? You are not alone, quite literally. Here’s a site where diabetics can get advice from nurses and fellow sufferers with every variation of diabetes: type 1, 2 and gestational. Get eating and lifestyle advice for yourself or a family member who suffers from this dreaded but all too common disease.

Follow cancer trends with Scientific American

Cancer: Scientific AmericanYou, or someone you know got cancer? Scientific American offers overviews of the latest trends in cancer thought explained clearly for the intelligent layperson. I pick up their “cancer” feed for my reader:

Find a doctor with help from the AMA.

AMA Doctor FinderClick on “Doctor Finder” to find basic professional information on virtually every licensed physician in the US. Search by name or specialty. When doctors are American Medical Association members, you can see where they went to school and how long they have been in the profession.

Interpret your medical results with Lab Tests Online

Lab Tests OnlineDoctors can tell so much about the state of our health just from blood tests and such. Lab Tests Online gives us laypeople a window to that world of information. Find lab test information by disease, test name, or screening population group. Learn how to interpret the results. Discover which routine test you should undergo, and how often. answers common medical questions

FamilyDoctor.orgCount on the American Academy of Family Physicians [] to bring us dependable consumer health information on the wide variety of conditions and ailments that a family doctor might encounter. Visit the OTC Guide to understand the active ingredients in the medications that you can buy “over the counter.” Browse the Smart Patient Guide for advice about talking to doctors and finding affordable health care.  Watch short videos about health problems and solutions.

Define your medical terms with Merriam-Webster

Merriam Webster medical dictionaryWhen I read a medical article, I often don’t understand half the words in it. When that happens, I visit the Merriam-Webster Dictionary site. I type in the term I don’t know (“adipose tissue,” for example) and then choose the “Medical” search option. When I click the search button, up pops the definition and a link to hear the word pronounced. Oh! “Adipose tissue” is another name for my fat pad!