Find a Food Truck with Roaming Hunger

Roaming HungerAs the food truck craze has grown and spread across the nation, web sites and apps have developed to help the hungry track down a mobile meal. The granddaddy of them all is Roaming Hunger, launched by Los Angeles entrepreneur Ross Resnick in 2009 to collate food truck tweets and to put them on a map. Roaming Hunger now follows food trucks in 34 cities and also features a search and booking function for registered trucks. Resnick even uses his site to offer advice to entrepreneurs thinking of starting their own food truck business.

Roaming Hunger is available as a free iOS app that allows users to filter their food truck searches by “sweet”, “savory”, or “vegetarian”. There is no Roaming Hunger app for Android.

Roaming Hunger


Fight teen trolls with help from the Cyberbullying Research Center

Cyberbullying Research CenterDr. Sameer Hinduja of Florida Atlantic University and Dr. Justin Patchin of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire work together to research the causes and consequences of cyberbullying. In addition to advice for parents and teens about how to prevent and deal with cyberbullying, the professors provide a current list of anti-cyberbullying laws by state:

Cyberbullying Research Center

The Tea Party Movement Organizes

RE Tea PartyWithin hours of the Rick Santelli Santelli’s February 19 jeremiad against government help for distressed homeowners, San Diego activist Anthony Astolfi mounted this website to organize the first coordinated “tea party” protests. His was soon joined by dozens of other new websites and Facebook pages. In response, fifty conservative leaders participated in a conference call to organize a “Nationwide Chicago Tea Party” protest coordinated to occur in about forty cities on February 27, 2009.  The Tea Party movement was born.

RE Tea

Collect and Share Photos and Videos from Across the Web on Pinterest

PinterestPinterest is a social bookmarking site that uses pictures or videos instead of text. When users “pin” a website, Pinterest represents it with an image from the page. Ben Silbermann thought up the idea, and he and his co-founders Evan Sharp (who was a product designer at Facebook) and Paul Sciarra of Cold Brew Labs in Palo Alto, California, started the company in December, 2009.

The site’s growth has been breathtaking. Pinterest launched as a closed, invitation-only beta site in March 2010. Soon after, it became an open beta that allowed registration via an email request. In August, 2011, Time magazine named Pinterest as one of its “50 Best Websites of 2011.” That jump started Pinterest’s traffic. It went from about 120 thousand users in January 2011 to 1.2 million in August to over 11 million users in January 2012, according to

Pinterest’s users are obsessed with the site. As Josh Constine writes on TechCrunch, “With gorgeous photography, and links to shopping sites, Pinterest is becoming an obsession for flocks of women.” This visual social networking site seems to appeal mainly to gals. “AppData and Facebook’s advertising tool show that over 97% of Pinterest’s Facebook fans are women.” And they are loyal. Constine reports. One-fifth of its registered uses check in to the site at least once per day.

Treehouse Logic, an e-commerce website design company, offered some opinions about why Pinterest is so compelling. “Pinterest has tapped into the psychology of shopping in a way that most ecommerce business models have missed,” they write. “Search is about finding a needle in a haystack, Pinterest is true serendipitous discovery.”

Also, because the site uses images instead of text, “It’s easy to use, visual, creative and it’s not invasive or threatening, i.e. no risk of over-sharing or spamming your friends.”

“It’s about style.”


Autoblog Your Travels with HipGeo

HipGeoThese days, travelers with smartphones like to record and share images of their vacations on the web. It’s a happy marriage: they get the expense and interruption of actual travel and you get the pleasure of seeing amazing sights through their eyes. When you look at their photos, it’s almost like you are there: anyplace from Belarus to the banks of the Ganges.

Los Angeles-area software developer Scott Daniels connects extroverted travelers and their armchair observers and with his new iPhone app called HipGeo.

This free app, which launched in January 2012, makes it easy for people to automatically record their travels in a blog format. The user fires up the app to start a “trip” or a series of automatically logged entries; while the app is running, it uses iPhone’s geolocation to map the user’s movement. When the user snaps a photo with the phone, HipGeo inserts it into the timeline of the trip which appears on the app and the website. The timeline becomes a virtual travel blog which the user can later convert into a video.

Although the app has been out only a few months, it already has posters in 125 countries. “It’s really fun,” reports Daniels. “I see people who are in Saudi Arabia following a guy in Thailand. I made a friend in Azerbaijan! I could never have reached across the world like this without HipGeo.”

The best thing about the app, Daniels enthuses, it that it automatically “curates” the entries, tagging them not only with the user’s title but also with location: city, country, and, in the U.S., with state name. Click on the “Explore” tab to search locales. “It’s great!” Daniels exclaims. “We already have 5300 cities and points of interest.”


Skype Connects Generations

SkypeThe video phone of the future has arrived and it’s free. What a blessing for seniors who are separated from their families. “My 91-year-old grandmother in Tokyo uses Skype to keep in touch with my mother in Los Angeles,” writes special librarian Takako Nagumo. But Skype has practical implications beyond family cohesion.

“My 95-year-old grandfather is lucky enough to have found doctors who will make house calls, but my grandmother is always concerned that she may not understand all of the doctor’s instructions, so when the doctor comes, she and my mother both log on to Skype, so my mother can take notes and confer with the doctor, too.” Install Skype on any web-enabled device that is equipped with a camera and a microphone, including smart phones. Computers designed for seniors feature easy access to this generation-spanning technology. Skype was recently purchased by Microsoft.


Hide Facebook in plain sight with

hardlywork.inIt’s bad form, oh yes, to follow the daily exploits of your friends via Facebook while you are at work. But what if you could just take a peek…in the guise of a professional-looking spreadsheet? Well, now you can. Just click into the website to get the latest. Switch back to regular Facebook to add comments when the boss steps out for a break.