Many Seniors Enjoy the iPad2

iPad for Seniors for DummiesApple’s tablet is easy to use and the screen text can be enlarged with the spread of two fingers. “My 76-year-old Mom got an iPad, initially to use as a reader,” writes college buddy Laurie Howlett. “But she and her husband fought over who got to use it so they bought another!” Professional organizer Tracy McCubbin also says that many of her older clients “have loaded up the Kindle app on it for easy reading.” They also use the iPad for email.


All of the elegant, intuitive Apple products seem to be popular with tech savvy older folks. McCubbin’s 83-year-old client had her load an iPod Nano with meditations that she listens to at night to go to sleep. Writer Kathy Talley-Jones notes, “My father likes to listen to books on his iPod Touch and gets every new iPod Shuffle, Nano, etc. when it is released!” offers these lessons for new old owners of iPads:


Use the FaceTime app to answer questions remotely

FaceTimeSay that you are a librarian up in the stacks and the Circulation staff down at the desk needs to get a hold of you. If you had your iPad and they had one too (or an iPhone 4, a new iPod Touch or a Wi-Fi enabled Mac notebook computer), they could use the FaceTime app to call you you could answer their question essentially face to face. You could point the iPad camera at your own visage or you could use one on the front of the iPad to broadcast your view. This video-calling program comes standard on the iPad2. It can be purchased from the iTunes store for $.99.