Author Irene McDermott talks with Bill Leff in Chicago

Bill Leff

Up all night, Chicago? Tune into Bill Leff’s show on WGN radio 720 to catch author Irene McDermott  discussing web sites that can save you money on travel.

Missed it live? Listen to the podcast:


Veteran business traveler Joe Brancatelli shares his tips on this blog

Seat2BJoe Brancatelli, Condé Nast’s business travel writer, offers his tips and insights gleaned from bitter experience. One recent column compared frequent flyer miles to the Zimbabwean dollar, that is, increasingly worthless. Also, when staying overnight at the airport, choose the hotel that is closest to your departure gate.

Seat 2B

Visit to find holiday travel tips

Independentraveler.comHere are travel tips of all kinds for planes, trains, and automobiles from this subsidiary of TripAdvisor. In addition to offering travel deals and message boards on which to chat with other sojourners, the site features traveling advice in a section called Travel Resources ( with articles like “How to Find a Clean Hotel Room” and “Top 10 Reasons to Travel by Train.” A subset of this section features a bi-weekly column called “Travelers Ed” written by veteran globetrotter Ed Hewett. Hewett discusses the implications of recent travel news and advises how to cope with it.

The Independent Traveler

Author Irene McDermott talks travel bargains on The Best of Investing

Are you in the San Francisco area on Saturday, November 24? Tune in to Newstalk 910 at 1 p.m. to catch Irene McDermott’s travel tips on the Best of Investing show with Edward Brown and his crew. McDermott reveals how to use the web to find the best gas prices, where to find a potty on the go and which credit card offers the best travel rewards. Not in San Francisco? Stream the show from the web site: Click on the November 24 podcast.

Best of Investing

Fly without fear with help from this free online tutorial

Fear of Flying Help CourseVeteran airline pilot Captain Stacey Chance knows that at least one out of every six adults has a fear of flying, otherwise known as aviophobia or aerophobia. Sufferers fear take-offs and landings. They may feel out of control or claustrophobic. They be frightened about turbulence or flying over water. They might even feel that terrorists will take over the plane.

Captain Chance wants passengers to feel safe and comfortable when they fly. That is why he developed this free online course. Take his hour-long tutorial to learn the true safety statistics of airline travel and get tips for dealing with anxiety and stress. Experience a virtual plane ride. Then board an actual aircraft and open your world.
Fear of Flying Help Course

Irene McDermott speaks with Dr. Susan Lorain on WNJC Radio Philadelphia

Heart to HeartHear author Irene McDermott discuss websites and apps to help save money on travel on the Heart to Heart program on WNJC Radio Philadelphia. The program aired on June 12, 2012.

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Earthshots delivers glorious images from around the world

EarthshotsLondon wildlife photographer William Burrard-Lucas collects submitted photos from across the globe and then mounts them on this site so we can experience the beauty of our planet. Browse the daily entries (there are five years of them) or search the archive by keyword to find snaps of specific spots. Snag the RSS feed to have the stunning photos delivered to your reader. Are you a nature or travel photographer? Submit your shots for possible selection as “Photo of the Day.”