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CardHub.comOdysseas Papadimitriou, a veteran of the credit card industry, started to allow consumers to compare credit card charges and benefits. Choose your identity (business owner, student or general consumer), your credit grade (excellent, fair, or  “limited history”) and then choose the rewards that you prefer (0% on purchases or miles rewards, for example.) CardHub will offer a list of choices. Click by your favorites to compare the details.

CardHub not only advises on credit cards but on prepaid cards and gift cards, too. It offers tools like a credit estimator and help with getting out of debt. Papadimitriou also hosts a blog-like “Education Center” which answers such questions as “Can I Use a Credit Card for Cosmetic Surgery?” ( Answer: Yes, but choose one with a 0% APR.

CardHub is a useful, independent resource for assessing your credit options. Sign up for its Credit Card Deals alert. (



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