Deep clean old dirt with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Mr. Clean Magic EraserThe quality of my cleaning life shot up when Procter & Gamble introduced the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in 2003. The Eraser is a sponge made of spun melamine foam that is manufactured in Germany by BASF ( under the name “Basotect.” For 20 years, the foam had been used as insulation. Then it was discovered that, when wetted, the spongy material works as fine abrasive to remove dirt and grit. “On curing, melamine resin becomes almost as hard as glass”, explains BASF’s Dr. Christof Möck. “The hardness of this material is one of the secrets of its cleaning talent: like extremely fine sandpaper, the foam eraser rubs the particles of dirt from the surface.” Magic Eraser scrapes out the ground-in dirt from my scratched white linoleum kitchen floor. However, I never use it on glass. Oddly, it doesn’t work that well on scummy bathtubs.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser


3 thoughts on “Deep clean old dirt with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

  1. I use the Target knock-off version. (Sorry, Mr. Clean!) I tear them in half and keep a piece on the kitchen sink. A couple of light swipes takes off the scuff marks after doing the dishes. Also takes out the tea stains in my china cups and the dog grime off the bottom third of every wall and cupboard in my kitchen. Is that me getting worked up about a cleaning product? Makes grubby keyboards clean as a whistle!

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