The Origins of the Occupy Movement

AdbustersThe Occupy movement kicked off with a march on Wall Street in New York on September 17, 2011. The planning for the demonstration began in June as a brainstorm of two Canadian advertising executives, Micah White and Kalle Lasn, who was originally from Estonia. The pair runs the anti-consumerist Adbusters Media Foundation.


Vancouver’s Adbusters magazine urges awareness of, “the erosion of our physical and cultural environments by commercial forces.” Inspired by the events of Arab Spring, the relatively peaceful overthrow of the Egyptian and Tunisian governments early in 2011, Adbusters organized and promoted the September march and “occupation” to speak out against the influence of money on politics, the lack of punishment for the perpetrators of the financial meltdown of 2008, and growing income inequality.

Although Adbusters does not run the Occupy movement, it does offer news of upcoming events on its website.


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