Occupy Wall Street regroups

Occupy TogetherOccupy Wall Street remained in Zuccotti Park from September 17, 2011 until, shortly after midnight on November 15, police moved in and cleared it. They arrested protesters who did not leave willingly. Over the next two weeks, other cities moved in to clear similar encampments in their public spaces. The movement seemed to go quiet as the winter passed. Though it has dropped out of the media limelight, Occupy continues to plan marches and other actions leading up to the fall election. Here is a website that distributes information about their plans.

Occupy Together

The Occupy movement is anarchical, yet its 1400 groups coordinate with each other via this website. Search the Occupy Directory (http://directory.occupy.net) or browse its interactive with map with links to the web sites of individual groups. Click the “InterOccupy” link to find out about upcoming meetings between Occupy groups.


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