PointerWare Makes Regular PCs Simple for Seniors

PointerWareCanadian computer guys Raul Rupsingh and Stephen Beath volunteered in senior centers and tested their simple 5-button interface with genuine grandmas. Now, their web-based subscription software is used in many Canadian retirement and nursing-home chains. The home version costs $8 per month or $149 for a year of access, support, and upgrades. It is available in eight languages including Hindi and simplified or traditional Chinese. PointerWare works on Windows-based PCs and tablets. It is not compatible with Apple products.



3 thoughts on “PointerWare Makes Regular PCs Simple for Seniors

  1. What a great concept, just like the touch-screens used by staff in restaurants except much larger fonts. Have seen large font pick list laptops used in squad cars where reading environment was atrocious and keyboard keys much too small. Does this software run on Win 7? Great idea for seniors as no manuals needed [ie: an intuitive interface]. Now if you could get a Skype interface to work, now that would really help seniors to chat with remote family and friends.

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