The Wow! Computer Helps Elderly Newbies

Wow ComputerAunt Bert, age 88, embraces technology to keep in touch with her children and grandchildren. “I just bought a Wow! computer. Will you come over to help me set it up?” she asked recently.

The Wow! computer turned out to be an all-in-one touch screen with a locked desktop that only allows specific functions: touch this button for email, this for video chat through the built-in camera, and that one for news. I linked her fresh Gmail account to the email button and set her up on Skype for video chat.

FirstStreet markets the Wow! computer for Seniors (, a 20-inch touch screen designed to get seniors online and to keep them out of trouble. The locked desktop and Linux operating system prevents users from accidentally downloading programs and viruses. The touch screen is handy for users who lack the dexterity to type or use a mouse. The $1000 price tag and lack of productivity software means that this is not the machine for everyone. Still, it may be just the thing for newbies who just want a computer to keep in touch with the modern world.

It turns out that the Wow! computer is really the rebranded Telikin ( produced by Venture 3 Systems in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. This company imports the all-in-one PCs and then loads them up with the Linux operating system and its proprietary software. Venture 3 provides patient, responsive phone support for their tentative customers. Also, each Telikin comes equipped with a remote assistance feature called “Tech Buddy” which allows another user to port in and demonstrate which buttons to push.


2 thoughts on “The Wow! Computer Helps Elderly Newbies

  1. Most seniors who pay $999 for FirstStreet’s 20″ WOW computer are paying at least $300 too much. Telikin sells an 18.6″ model that does all of the things seniors typically want to do, for just $699, with free shipping in the continental US. (FirstStreet sells the 18.6″ unit also, but for $899 plus shipping.) I’ve had a Telikin since October 2010. My mother has one and so does my mother-in-law. We all use them daily. I’d be happy to share my knowledge and experience with others who are thinking about purchasing one of these extraordinary computers.

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