Explore a haunted library on Library Ghost!

Library GhostIn 1883, William Carpenter left his money to the Evanston, Illinois Willard Library instead of to his daughter Louise. The snubbed heiress sued for the return of her inheritance but lost.

In 1937, the night janitor at the Willard Library reported seeing an ‘all-grey’ lady, with grey shoes and grey veil as he entered the basement during his 3 a.m. visit to stoke the coal furnace. Since that time, the library has been said to be haunted by the vengeful ghost of Louise Carpenter.

Recently, images have been captured by webcams that seem to show the shadowy grey figure. Visit the Library Ghost site to review these pictures and decide for yourself if the spirit of Louise Carpenter haunts the library. Then watch the live library web cams set up in the Research Room, the Children’s Room and the basement. Perhaps you can catch a photo of the ghost!



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