Give a friend an app

IPhone appOur friends with smart phones might enjoy the gift of a useful new app. But wait! There is no way to transfer or give away an app from the Android Market, the native app store run by Google: However, Android users can offer gift cards purchased from the rival Amazon Appstore.

Amazon Appstore Giftcards

Amazon lets givers send money for Android apps via email, a printed card, or a post on a Facebook wall. Although Amazon’s offerings lack the variety of Google’s Android Market, still there are quite a few quality selections in the only app store for the Android platform with gift options.

Gifting Apps for iPhone

Apple makes it easy to give money for its iPhone apps. Choose an app on this web site and then open the iTunes store. Instead of clicking the “Buy App” button, click on the pull-down arrow and select “Gift This App.” From there, just fill in the recipient’s email and add a message. Or, you can print out a certificate. Interestingly, apps can only be exchanged within the borders of a country.


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