Zynga lets us give virtual game items and help the world at the same time

Zynga gift cardsDo you have friends who devote inordinate amounts of time to FarmVille or Mafia Wars? They need real money to buy premium “virtual” items to add to their online worlds. Why not give the gift of a Zynga game or e-card that your loved one can exchange for FarmVille cash and coins? These are available in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

In an interesting twist, Zynga has made it part of its mission (through Zynga.org) to allow users to donate to charity through buying virtual goods in its games. In the last two years, the company has funneled over $1.5 million of user donations to relief efforts in Haiti. It encourages players of YoVille to support the San Francisco SPCA buy buying virtual animals at Pete’s Pets. Participants in FrontierVille can contribute to Water.org to bring fresh water to people in Africa, Asia, Central America, and Haiti. Zynga even helps U.S. tornado victims.

Zynga Game Cards


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