Author Irene McDermott to speak about and sign The Internet Book of Life

The Internet Book of LifeTuesday, September 6, 2011, 7 p.m.

Crowell Public Library
1890 Huntington Drive
San Marino, CA 91108

You are a working parent and you use the Internet occasionally for email and Facebook. You know that there are quality Web resources available for free that can really help you and your family. But who has time to find and evaluate them?

The Internet Book of Life is your shortcut to these treasures. Written by a working mother and front line reference librarian, The Internet Book of Life is a guide to web sites and mobile phone apps that help real people make wise decisions in so many aspects of modern living: everything from saving money, to getting homework done, to just feeling happier.

Each chapter addresses real-life family dilemmas such as whether and how to fix the car, how to find the best price for baby diapers, and even how to find a clinical trial that might save a life.

As the country climbs out of recession, this comprehensive guide to free Web services is especially welcome. It is the lively, indispensable reference that finds a home next to every household computer…or Web-enabled cell phone!

IRENE E. McDERMOTT gains insight about the web from her daily front-line experience as reference librarian and systems manager at the Crowell Public Library in San Marino, California. She writes about her discoveries in her column, “Internet Express,” which has appeared in Searcher magazine since 1997. The second edition of her book, The Librarian’s Internet Survival Guide was published by Information Today in 2006.


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