Connect to your BMW with your iPhone

BMW iDriveUnfortunately, BMW in the United States is not as advanced as in Germany. There, owners of the BMW 6 Series Convertible have had full access to the web in the dashboard of their cars since 2007. Still, when you buy a BMW in America, you will get an advanced package of communication options, particularly if you also use an iPhone. The BMW audio system is designed to be compatible with Apple products either through a Bluetooth connection or a USB port.

BMW’s iDrive system brings GPS-based navigational help, Bluetooth cell phone connectivity, vehicle diagnostics, and audio management along with a connection to BMW Assist. BMW Assist is a subscription service that connects to a call center. Operators will send help in event of a crash or a breakdown. They can also remotely unlock your doors for you if you forget your keys and even track the car if it is stolen. BMW Assist is free for four years after purchase. After that, it runs about $200 per year.


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