Shop around online.

Google ShoppingYou’ve heard the old joke, about how the shopping habits of modern women and men resemble those of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Men are (in general) the hunters: “Me want shirt. Get shirt. Go home.” Whereas, we women tend to linger, gathering colorful objects and collecting them in our baskets.

The Web enhances and intensifies our shopping proclivities. A man can search to find a book or a razor, click to buy, and it’s on its way to his mailbox.  A shopper gal like I am can invest hours to find the best deal on the most obscure item. Do you know how hard it is to find a solar-powered, radio-controlled watch designed for a woman?

Jeff Bezos started the Web shopping revolution when he selling books on ( in 1995. Now, his site is the go-to shopping spot for everything that can be shipped in a box.  Google Shopping ( is another great way to compare products and prices.


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