Michelin can help to diagnose tire problems.

MichelinHave a problem with your tires? The Michelin Man offers a Tire Diagnosis Tool to get to the keep you rolling. Find the best way to lengthen the life of your tires and what to look for when you need to buy new ones. Learn to read a sidewall and understand why the “penny test” is important. (“If the tread is worn below 2/32 of an inch, water can’t be channeled away from the tread. This can cause hydroplaning at high speeds.” Yikes!)


One thought on “Michelin can help to diagnose tire problems.

  1. I just bought some Michelin Pilot A/S tires for my 2002 Jaguar XJR rather my former Jag XJR, I totaled it in the rain last week because of hydroplaning. I’ve had many cars in my life and driven on many tires in various types of condition. I have never experienced a tire hydroplane so quickly and so out of control. These tires caused my Jaguar which handled like a dream with even the old worn out tires. I had the Michelin Pilot A/S tires less than 3 weeks and my Jaguar is now history because of them. I’m extremely upset. And I’m suing them

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